About us

Rise Computer has grown into a highly professional and quality focused expert in LED lighting and display company since 2004. During these years we have worked with well known Corporate brands.

We changed our focus from cost down to quality & service and our products is competitive in this market all over the world. We place R&D as first importance to keep the improvement of performance Outdoor advertising screen refers to the red, green and blue LED lights composition, white balance, and can display 16,777,216 colors are capable of real-time, simultaneous display of various information, such as two-dimensional or three-dimensional animation.

Outdoor advertising display of the most widely used one type, characterized by large angle, high brightness, colorful & attractive, long life & energy-saving and so on.. the display can be synchronized with the computer display international characters, English & other languages text and graphics.

Video display screen using micro-computer control, graphics, images to real-time, synchronization, clear message to the broadcast of a variety of information dissemination, but also shows two-dimensional, three-dimensional animation, video, TV, VCD programs and on-site live. LED screen display colorful, three-dimensional sense of strong, static, such as painting, moving, such as movies.

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